Friday, September 17, 2010

How Long Do Hives Last?

Hives can be quite unbearable to say the least. Not only are they unsightly, painful, and very uncomfortable.. the constant itching is still my biggest complaint. There is very little relief available for the treatment of  hives, leaving you to feel miserable, helpless, and hopeless.

Exactly how long do hives last? Well that depends on a few factors.

The most common form of hives, also being the most simplistic is called Acute Urticaria. This type of hive breakout will only be expected to last for 6-36 hours.

If you have been diagnosed with having chronic hives, you may be dealing with this problem way longer than you could imagine. Although, Chronic Urticaria is a bit more rare, it is much more difficult to battle.

The cycle of a breakout for chronic hives can last anywhere from 36 hours and up. Having this type of hives can effect you for months, or even years.

In this situation a natural approach may be much more effective, when looking for a cure. In most urticaria cases, the immune system is to blame.

Many people who have suffered from hives have already found relief, by concentrating their efforts on rebuilding their immune system.

Imagine solving the mystery, and getting to the bottom of whats making you itch. If you are ready to take your life back check out this natural hives treatment now, for a clear tomorrow.


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